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Matt Michalski,Jimmy Castoe,Brian Lucey,Doug Carraway,Bill Hustad

Brian Lucey: Voice and Guitar. Aries. 4.7.67. Brian is a bright human with a big heart who has performed since age 12 in places like NYC and Europe. He's inspired by Nina Simone, Neil Young, Sheila Chandra, Eddie Vedder, Joni Mitchell, Jeff Buckley, Kurt Cobain, Peter Gabriel, Freddy Mercury, Live Aid, Angus Young, Jimi Hendrix, George Lucas, Charlie Chaplin, Marcel Marceau, his mom, water, fire, earth and Willy Wonka.

matt on stage Matt Michalski: Guitar. A Gemini. 30 birthdays. A guitarist in the Tom Jeff Slave Apts. Matt has been influenced by punk, surf, noise makers, no attitude jazzers, blues, rock crushing rock bands and Eastern influenced players of all genres. He is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and practices Aikido, both physically and verbally. He aims to kick your ass and touch your heart with music and is known for becoming invisible.

Bill Hustad: Fretless Bass. A Leo. 30. Bill made records with Bob Pollard (New Creatures and Guided By Voices) in Dayton during the post-punk early 8O's. Incorporating the jazz/funk styles of Jaco Pastorius and others, he moved to Columbus and co-founded the soulful rock band, Medicine Wheel. Bill's compositions are as valved as his driving grooves. Lately he's inspired by the NYC jazz scene and Afro-Pop worldwide.

Doug Carraway: Drum Batterie. Another Aries- 4.18.73. Doug was banging on things very young (you know the type), and taught at Cinci's Maschinot Music in high school. He studied Jazz at OSU and is currently refining his Chinese language skills. He's hip to the Alexander Technique and some Martial Arts. Doug's influences include all variations of drumming, chanting and forest born noise making on the planet.

Jimmy Castoe: Drum Batterie. Same birthday as Doug, 15 years earlier! One of the most respected drummers in the area, Jim has played for his supper since he was 13. From the original Ronald Koal Band to Control to the Warsaw Falcons (with Bobby Keyes of the Rolling Stones), to filling in for Clyde Stubblefield (formerly of James Brown) with Michael Feldman's NPR trio, he plays for the love of music with no bullshit attached.

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