(Music as a metaphor towards following the light.)

Downtrodden (5.3M .wav download)

All of the below text is representative of the static in our minds that distracts us from the light, paralleling the rhythms of this musical experiment. Those involved directly in this experiment are:

C. Moore: piano, keyboards, acoustic guitar, vocals
Capn': drums, dog, ranting insanity, troubled moaning
(Capn' comes north from Florida via audio cd)
Doubting Robert: bass

I have been run over by life. Downtrodden again in continuity... interference in my life. Life is load that makes me wince, cower and heave. A load so heavy that I feel as though I may bust. I struggle against It alone, all alone.

I repeat...

I repeat...

It comes at me with a vengeance as my wanton disregard for assistance continues. No... I will go it alone. I must go alone and force my will.

The distractions mount as I make little progress, mired in my self-imposed insanity.

Deep down in my core, I find a source of light emerging. A dancing ebullient jewel flowing light through every ounce of my body. It pierces though the ice I have allowed to accumulate around my cold spirit. I invite the light of grandeur to wrap my soul in warmth.

Feels so nice.

Could it be that an invitation to the light is the first step... I must struggle against old habits, history. Old habits? No! I will leave them behind.

I testify my allowance of the light into my life.

Is this the answer?

I don't want to squander an opportunity....

Can It be?


Discipline, devotion, and festive celebration of the light.

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All music is written and recorded spontaneously.
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