Parsifal Blues
Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers

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The following webpage recounts a spontaneuos event. The music and lyrics were written and recorded on-the-spot. Before the Miles To Oz weekend, the musicians had never played together.

Krishna, who normally spends his time as a pointy-head for The Membrane Domain, says:

Let's sing the blues.
C. Moore, who normally spends his time as a webmaster, thinks of something that would make him blue... what if one of the RomBox computers, named Parsifal, were to crash? And, he says:
The Parsifal Blues
Sidd, who normally spends his time as a pointy-head for The Membrane Domain, says:
I had them this morning.
And, this is what transpired:

Sidd - Inspiration
Krishna - Guitar
Wally - Guitar
Bob - Bass
C. Moore - Piano & Vocals

I've never seen anything quite like this...
I must admit, not like this.

I've been around a while....

When I woke up this morning,
The computers were down,
I had such a frown,
I looked around,
I looked around,
I couldn't believe,
Not a single green light, [ie the green power light on the front of a computer]
Lookin' back at me.

Parsifal's down,
Parsifal's down!

See if you can roust Sidd.
If ya already did, (...then I've got the Parsifal Blues)

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All music is written and recorded spontaneously.
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