A Reggaefest With Narley Marley

Who is Jackie Mittoo?

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Reggae Keyboards

Irie! And, welcome to another improv. jam session with Narley Marley.

One of my all-time favorite reggae artists is Jackie Mittoo. Do you know about Jackie Mittoo? He was one of Bob Marley's original keyboard players. Back in the day, Jackie would hangout at Studio One in Jamaica. They had a sweet ole' Hammond that you can hear Jackie playing on most of the original Bob Marley songs.

When Bob left for America and England, Jackie moved to Canada. He released several albums that contained hits, such as, "Wintergreen" and a cover of Gilbert O'Sullivan's "Alone Again, Naturally".

Jackie had a hard life and died at an early age. If you ask his friends, they'll tell you the system killed him.

Here's to Jackie... JAH, MAHN!

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