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My style is likened to the psychedelic sounds of the Haight for some reason. Maybe all those days spent listening to The Airplane had something to do with it. I spent the 80's and 90's on the Dead bandwagon, and have always loved the music of all the great San Francisco Bands.

My listening range is from John Abercrombie to Zero. My favorite all time bands are Traffic, Moby Grape, Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, Quicksilver, and The Stones and Santana, and on and on. You get the idea! Noodling with a purpose has helped me to unlock the guitar neck. Lessons and practice, practice, practice, also helped a lot.

Right now I'm playing an Ibanez ES370. Can't beat your first electric! I also play a Gibson SG, and I use a Mesa Boogie amp.

Missing Socks is about improvisation, like any jam band. One time it's jazzy, another time it's funky. We fly by the seat of our pants and the mind follows.

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