Stop That Noise Reviews

We hate to brag, so we'll let these folks do it for us!

"Thanks for the Stop That Noise CD. I really appreciate it... super stuff." -- Tom Dean, WOUI, Chicago IL

"Nice sounds, good beat, excellent music!" --Cory Pittman, WCCB, Clarion PA

"I'm adding the whole CD." --Tim Tribo, WRNU, Niagra NY

"Can't Hang" is the best radio tune!" --Dave Dixon, WPUM, Rensselaer IN


By John Sneider

Introducing the power duo STOP THAT NOISE , comprising of bassist / vocalist / ex-bible belt minister Kyle Turner and drummer Steve Holloway. Making a sound that could be described as "Nirvana meets Morphine", these two New York City musicians are desitined to re-define the parameters of alternative rock.

Their new, self-titled CD/EP shows that, while the two possess considerable technical ability on their instruments, the focus is on the songs.The CD delivers six tracks that are evocative, emotional and at times, startling. From the gripping line "We feel the cankers in our mouths/they disappear when we're aroused/let's take our lives in our own hands"of the opening cut, "Four Letters", to the sensual depiction of birth and death in "Her" and the humorous, psycho-sexual, over the edge "Gotta Wanna Gonna", this CD never fails to surprise the listener with its invention, sincerity and grit.

While playing as a rhythm section for various acts on the New York City original rock scene for the past couple of years, it dawned on them that they didn't really need a guitarist or keyboard player. In fact, the songs they have crafted together demand to be stripped naked of all extranious instruments, to be left straddling the listener's ears, taking them to the inner world that only bass and drums can evoke. --John Sneider, New Rock Press


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