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Words and music written by Robert Schiller

[Verse]   	Wake up in the morning and your off to work.
                It's just another Monday.
                Holding down a job five days from 9 to 5.
                Struggling with an answer to society.
                What it is I can't say.
                Everybody's fighting with their morals tryin' to stay

                We're taught to earn a decent life through honesty.
                (But) When you find yourself in dire straights you'll
                (And) So many die for a foolish reason, can you tell me
                (Hear their cry)
                Would you help a desperation or would you just walk on

[Chorus] 	`Cause its a real world.        (Real world)
                it's just a matter of mind.
        	(and) It's a real life.              (Real people)
                Standing in the middle of the line.
        	(and) You've got to hold on.         (Hold on) 
                To the heart you have inside.
                It's a real dream.             (Real dreamer)
                That  keeps the soul alive, gives us all our pride.
                Can you feel it changing all our minds?

[Verse] 	We enter the world as an innocent child,  
                Born to be believers.
                Living the life of a myth in a cartoon age.
                Story book rhymes of a castle in time,
                Simplified deceivers.
                We could believe if our hearts would tell us so.        
                Do you think the problems of today won't affect your
                (don't be blind)
                Are you reaching for a thrill to help you unwind?
                Do we really know the neighbors living in our town?
                (Turn arround) 
                Do you wonder if your child can trust a circus clown?

[Repeat chorus]
                 Real condition,
                 Real decision,
                 Real confusion,
                 Real solution,
                 In the real world!

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