Ytrap Volume 2: Drastically Fantastic Butt Bootin' Music

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Side A

  1. I Gotta Get Outta Here
    Bass Sick In Stinks

  2. Steppin' Stone
    Catching Flies

  3. Hole
    Dog's Tooth Violet

  4. Webdrones
    from the soundtrack The Labyrinth

  5. Waiting In The Wings

  6. Daddy
    Dog's Tooth Violet

  7. When You Reign, I'm Poor!
    cd d:\industrial\noize\pollution

  8. Hunkey Dorey
    Catching Flies

  9. The Mad Clown Song
    The Electric Slugs

  10. Down By The Water

  11. The Man Over There
    The Cutting Room Floor

  12. Soul Manic
    Dog's Tooth Violet

    Bonus Tracks
    Found on the random Side B mix