AOL's Wrongful Blocking Of Email

Please do not use AOL. Their mail servers are a problem. They are blocking legitimate email. For a period of time, they blocked all our email. They could give us no reason.

They claimed we were sending SPAM. In every bounced email, to our friends, relatives and customers, AOL accused us of sending SPAM. Of course, this was very painful to us... as our organization helps fight SPAM. At least a dozen requests were made to stop blocking our email and show us the SPAM. They have yet to show us the SPAM.

Did AOL commit libel? Did AOL violate our privacy and security?

After many phone calls, emails and promises, we contact AOL's Legal Dept. (Ironically, the Legal Dept. blocked our complaint, and we had to go to extraordinary measures to deliver it. The ironic part is the Legal Dept. appears to have violated several laws.)

Subject: blocked email

Dear Sir,

I just left a phone message at xxx-xxx-4670.

Again, I ask that you immediately stop blocking our email.

Also, we need proof of the spam being sent (including the headers) so that we may prosecute any wrong doers.

Your immediate attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

Help Desk

days go by... and our email is still being blocked (without explanation.)

so yet another attempt to get through aol's nonsensenet is made:


Dear Sir,

We have not received a reply to our phone messages, nor to our emails.

We must insist that you cease and desist the blocking of our email -- immediately.

You have cost a great deal of time and money to both our company and our customers. If this matter is not resolved today, you will force us to invoke more severe measures.

It is also crucial that we receive proof of your claim -- immediately. Please arrange to have copies of the spam headers delivered to us at once.

In the event someone has compromised our servers, we will need your cooperation with the FBI's investigation. In the event you have wrongfully accused us and made disparaging remarks about our company, we will expect you to remedy our losses.

Help Desk

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