The Electric Slugs
Cat Got Your Tongue?

Out Of The Shell

A Memory



Just This And That

Post Apocalyptic

Out Of Thin Air

Of That Star

LYRICS: I suppose you are composed of a star The energy that has become me Sounds bizarre but it’s from that star So, I’m wondering How far to the nearest star? Of That Star.mp3 E E7 86 BPM / Bebop n’ Dubstep 1-track stereo recording; all instruments played simultaneously Vocals, Keyboards (microKorg, Yamaha PSR-740, Casio […]

Me And My Reality

LYRICS: What is this reality All about me Is it all about me What is this reality all about me Is it all about me As we march toward eternity Is this my reality As we march toward the eternal infinity Will we get off our seat and on our feet And come some more […]

Mixed Medium



A Drift

LYRICS: Ya know… Seems the wind and the snow Got into a rift If ya catch my drift Fast, furious, swift If you catch my drift Blowin’ higher Goin’ higher Gettin’ dire Startin’ to irk my ire If ya catch my dirft Seems the snow, ya know Got into it… a rift… a drift Adrift […]

It’s Getting Deep

LYRICS: It’s getting deep, deep, deep Too deep to sweep, sweep, sweep And if it’s gonna keep, keep, keep… Getting deep, deep, deep… We’ll have to shovel Wasn’t looking for trouble It sounds like trouble Hate to burst your bubble It ain’t that novel Now I gotta shovel It’s getting deep, deep, deep Too deep […]

Stripped Down

LYRICS: Stripped down To the lean and clean Gonna strip down To the lean and clean See what I can gleam From the glistening (The Electric Slugs leave trails that are glistening) Stripped down (listening to the sound around) interlude Stripped down Taking off those dirty clothes Off that dirty robe Disrobe and get clean […]

All music is written and recorded spontaneously.

The Electric Slugs

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