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Spring, Sprang, Sprung

If it smells like petunias
Itís got to be spring
You can sense the sense
The aroma brings
The warmth in the breeze
Causes trees to leave
While the rays of the days
Yeah, the rays of the sun
Shinning through
On you


The flora has started blooming With a fragrance dance The fauna has started crooning For a romance dance Hear the Spring singing Here the ring springing Send the spirit soaring ’til the love’s pouring As the buds start coming They are leaving (leafing) Babbling brook is flowing Ocean going We see that we’ll see […]

Mating Call

The human race is jumping All the hearts start pumping Toe tappin’… foot thumping Springtime’s here so grab your mate It’s time to procreate It’s not too late to find a date Grab a mate and procreate Just avoid the fool in the gene pool Try n’ avoid the fool in the gene pool […]

The Moves

The way you move when you’re walking down the street From the ribbon in your hair to the shoes upon your feet The perfect package all-in-one complete Can you stop before you go ’cause there’s something I’d love to know Your fresh fragrance is a real treat And the way you sway moving to […]

April May

Wonder who’s out ridin’ on the breeze Definitely an imagination tease Taking in the sensation please Chorus Cocoon cracked Butterfly unfurled Sprouts sprung Kite-wind whirled The trees all bowing to the breeze The buds leaving into leaves Mother Nature’s annual release Finally thawed from the freeze Been too […]


It’s not a joke All of us will croak But, like the Crocus All of us Can spring forth again Like an Iris I am It’s OK to be a Pansy When you spring to life so easily Sun or part shade No need to be afraid Moist, well drained Voiced, well brained […]


If at first you need to look in It’s time to lookout Once you can start to begin You’ll figure out what it’s about Cherry blossoms Spring springs Gone are the winter doldrums Things are happening Cherry Music Video.mp4 Cherry.mp3 ABOUT THIS SONG Written under the cherry blossoms in Everhart Park, West Chester, PA. […]

In Phenomena

A lady bug landed on my thumb The German Shepard couldn’t believe what he heard Mother Earth wonders, “How come?” The earthworms slurm, “Absurd!” An ecosystem phenomenon I am… am… am… in phenomena Sprouting, budding, blossoming Everything Love to listen to life sing More birds and bees, please ABOUT THIS SONG Chords […]

Children Of The Sun

Cover version by Horseman Jaque and the Quintus Maximus Orchestra Children Of The Sun Music Video.mp4 Children Of The Sun.mp3 LYRICS If the words don’t come right to me Guess I’ll just have to see What’ll be Children of the sun Coming out to have some fun When children start dancing […]

Tears Of Liquid Sunshine

Tears of liquid sunshine Look so fine Running down your cheek Tears of liquid sunshine Look so fine I can’t even speak Ileana Ahh… To bring spring As you sprout You bring nature out Ileana Then, flower And, we’ve got the power The power […]

In The Pink

Starting to think ’bout being in the pink Waist deep in Spring Summer’s approaching Starting to ponder What it means to wonder Waste deep in Spring Summer’s sizzling in The climate, she’s a changing Permanent as benevolence Stalemate forever enduring Arrogant as irreverence In The Pink.mp4 ABOUT THE SONG Chords — Dm Asus D […]

Bathing In The Light

Where do you find beauty? Is it in your comfort? If you seek you must confront, The demons in your body Chorus What the heck… I see it in the crape of your neck Down the small of your back … and back Are you sensitive behind your knee … let’s see Can I […]


Looks like winter might be over forever Next birth let’s grow together Let spring bring…. Birds fill the air as they sing I can’t help but think of you Whether you have made it through Whether you’ve survived the weather, too Take the splinter out from under Rejuvenation, She’s a wonder Helping healing Praise God! […]

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