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    • Navy Awards $200 Million for 40 MW of Solar Power on Southwestern Bases March 10, 2010
      The U.S. Navy recently awarded a $200 million contract for a total of 40 megawatts (MW) of solar photovoltaic power systems on Navy and Marine Corps bases throughout the Southwest. The National Park Service is also installing solar power at many of its facilities, using Recovery Act funds. […]
    • Report Emphasizes Need to Reduce U.S. Consumption of Petroleum March 10, 2010
      An attempt to account for the energy security costs of domestic and imported oil finds higher security costs for imported oil. However, the costs are low compared to the direct cost of oil, implying that U.S. energy security efforts should focus on lower petroleum use, regardless of its source. […]
    • Recovery Act Funds 191 New Transit Projects in 42 States, Puerto Rico March 10, 2010
      Vice President Joe Biden has announced more than $600 million in Recovery Act funding for 191 new transit projects in 42 states and Puerto Rico. Recipients are spending the funds on improvements such as hybrid electric buses and conversions of vehicles to hybrids. […]
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    • Probing life???s extremes in Yellowstone March 13, 2010
      Idaho National Laboratory biologist Frank Roberto squats on a gravelly patch of ground in Yellowstone National Park. […]
    • Studying cesium to seize soil cleanup March 13, 2010
      Scientists at DOE's Lawrence Livermore Lab have developed soil clean-up methods at Bikini Atoll and other islands to the east where nuclear tests were conducted in the early 1950s. […]
    • PPPL scientists awarded 111 million hours of supercomputing time March 13, 2010
      Four research projects involving six scientists at DOE's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) have been awarded a total of 111 million processor hours on supercomputers at DOE's Argonne National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). […]
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    • ARS Sends Third Seed Shipment to Norway Seed Vault
      A wild strawberry collected from flank of the Atsunupuri Volcano (at red arrow) in Far Eastern Russia is now preserved in both the ARS National Plant Germplasm System and the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway. Photo courtesy of Andrey Sabitov, N.I. Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry. Seeds of the Russian wild strawberry Fragaria iturupensis were part of […]
    • Plant Hormone Increases Cotton Yields in Drought Conditions
      Applying naturally occurring plant hormones called cytokinins to cotton seeds or young cotton plants can increase yields 5 to 10 percent under drought conditions, according to new ARS research. Click the image for more information about it. Company expands ARS technology to save water, energy   Plants text message farmers when thirsty   Texas and Israeli i […]
    • How Mosquitoes Find a Host
      Mosquitoes can detect a very fine chemical structure difference in octenol, a compound emitted by mammals, according to new research by ARS scientists. Click the image for more information about it. Plant essential oil eyed as mosquito, ant repellent   Tick and mosquito repellent can be made commercially from pine oil   Military uniforms now provide reliab […]
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NASA Hosts First-Ever Water Sustainability Forum

WASHINGTON — NASA today announced its founding partnership of Launch, an initiative to identify, showcase and support innovative approaches to sustainability challenges through a series of forums. The first forum, “Launch: Water,” will take place at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida from March 16-18.

“NASA is perfectly positioned to host a conversation with experts about potential solutions to the world’s most perplexing sustainability problems,” said NASA’s Deputy Administrator Lori Garver, the host of the forum. “NASA offers a culture of problem-solving, deep technical expertise on sustainable systems such as the International Space Station, and a unique capacity to capture and analyze data about our home planet.”

Other founding partners are the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. State Department and Nike. The event will bring together 10 entrepreneurs from around the world who have proposed solutions to water shortages and 40 council members who represent business, policy, engineering, science, communications and sustainability sectors. During the two-and-a-half day forum, the invited innovators and the Launch Council will participate in sessions designed to identify challenges and discuss future opportunities for their innovations.

Media are invited to attend this first Launch forum. U.S. journalists must contact Katherine Trinidad at 202-358-1100 by March 15 to arrange credentials. Credentialed journalists may request interviews with the participants. For those unable to attend the event, it will be broadcast live at:


Launch is a global initiative to identify and support innovative work that will contribute to a sustainable future. Organizers have begun a global search for visionaries, whose innovative world-class ideas, technologies or programs show great promise in making tangible impacts on society. Through a series of forums focused on key challenge areas including water, air, food, energy, mobility and sustainable cities, Launch will give thought leaders a forum to present innovative ideas among peers and join in collaborative, solution-driven discussions.

To learn about the 10 innovators and their proposed solutions, and for a list of the 40 council members, visit:


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