When you enlist our professional service in connection with a real estate matter, we're expected to make sure that the documents say what they should to best protect your interest. And it is up to us to ascertain that the title to the real estate is free of defects.

But some "hidden defects" to title - including those caused by forgeries, false identities, incapacity or incompetency - often cannot be detected by even the most thorough search of public records. This may leave you vulnerable to an attack on the title.

You will be protected against many hidden defects through a First American standard owner's policy. If a flaw in title should be discovered, a claim brought against it, even a meritless claim, occasionally involves lengthy, expensive litigation. First American will defend the title as insured, at its own expense, and will correct or clear the title, or will promptly pay any loss incurred up to the face amount of the policy.

You benefit from the added protection of title insurance. By safeguarding your interests, you protect yourself against liability. A low- cost, one-time premium assures coverage so long as ownership remains in the name of the insureds or their heirs.

The protection of a title insurance policy ultimately rests in the professional integrity, financial stability and responsible management of the issuing firm. With nearly a century of service, First American is one of the oldest and largest title insurers in the nation.

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