Our primary mission is to provide title insurance and related services that facilitate real estate transactions. Our commitment to continued growth allows us to continually expand our range of services to customers, offer career development opportunities to our employees, enhance shareholder return and assure our position as a leader in our industry.

Five key principles dictate the philosophy by which we operate:

I. Service - Unparalleled customer service is the hallmark of our success.

II. Experience -The experience we developed since founding the industry in 1876 enables us to operate our business successfully through virtually every economic condition.

III. Strength - Our commitment to financial strength protects customers from loss and provides our employees with opportunities for growth.

IV. Innovation - The combination of vision, growth and technology serves to increase productivity, enhance services and assure market leadership.

IV. Integrity -The highest level of ethical conduct is expected from our employees and agents.

Service. Experience. Strength. Innovation. Integrity. These are the qualities that run through the very fabric of our organization and define our approach to business - qualities that our customers can count on every day.

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