E-Mail Management: Eudora & Netscape

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The two most popular methods of sending, receiving and managing e-mail are Eudora and Netscape. These "shareware" software packages allow you to read and write your e-mail without being connected on a phone line. You need only to connect for the actual retrieving and sending of your queued messages.

Netscape mail is a program found within the Netscape browser. You simply click on the little envelope in the bottom right hand corner to activate it. Eudora is an individual software package. Both need to be pre-configured with your e-mail address and your internet provider's e-mail information. Once they are configured, both feel very much like regular word processing programs.

A couple of pointers:

  1. Start organizing and sorting your email into separate "mailboxes" with your first letter. It doesn't take long to fill up your in-box. Start by creating some well titled mailboxes (like friends, business, follow-up, etc.) and transferring or trashing any incoming mail.
  2. Try to write your e-mail off-line.
  3. Create a signature file that includes your name, e-mail address, and web address. The signature file can be automatically attached to the bottom of every letter you send.
  4. Remember that word processing documents and other files can be sent as an attachment, but the person receiving the file may not be able to read it. As a rule, you should copy and paste all text to the body of an e-mail message instead of sending it as an attachment.
  5. In general, an E-mail message should not exceed 64k (including any attachments). This is, and always has been, an industry standard. Many internet providers are adhering to this standard more than ever.
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