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President (CEO/CFO/COO) of an Internet based corporation; original webmaster and creator of "active website traffic generating & monitoring practices". Interests include server security measures, web design elements and mechanisms, Linux, open source, anti-virus measures, firewalls, encryption, PGP, hacker-tracking, anti-measures for bandwidth and memory piracy. Further expertise in credit card, mortgage and other electronic financial applications.


Developed "Internet University" in 1994 as a non-income foundation for WWW, virus and related educational undertakings; Helped form Internet / Digital Y2K (Year 2000) cooperative to facilitate public awareness of Y2K date-compliance and related issues. Created The Think-Tank (a.k.a. The Membrane Domain) with the intent of obtaining and disbursing knowledge.


Started becoming curious about logic, statistics, and investing in 1980. Began managing stock and retirement portfolios that same year. Since that time he has conducted thousands of financial transactions, each producing a net-profit. And, (knock on wood) to date he has never had a net-loss on any financial transaction or portfolio.


Since the age of 13, Daniel has been employed teaching youth (from infants to the young at heart -- 96 years of age.) Work experience includes, but is not limited to, camp counselor, program director, camp director, aquatic director, swim team coach, life guard, tutor and workshop teacher.

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Licensed real estate salesperson, economist, planner, and financial analyst.


BS Business; Minor Philosophy -- West Chester University, 1984
Magna Cum Lauda; Phi Sigma Tau; Social Sciences Honor's Society

Job title as listed in West Chester University's Philosophy Alumni/ae Newsletter, "Occupation: Philosopher".

Still experimenting in the areas of: triangular arbitrage, collection, organization, presentation, anthropological and economic experiments in applied chaos theory, real estate, costs vs. benefits, frequency distribution, constrained cost minimization, supply and demand, population parameters, Internet spiders, probability, random variables, chaotic variables, absolute advantage, distribution moments, The Bernoulli Process, Poisson probability distribution, binomial distribution, hypergeometric probability distribution, what happens when the sum of elasticities of demand for imports in "both" nations is less than one, Milton Friedman's ideas, Ludwig Wittgenstein's investigations, Arnold Schwarzenegger's entrepreneurialship, sample size, the concept of utility, instruments of the money market, globalization, energy being equal to mass times the speed of light squared, governance, the arts, the time value of money, space, pricing, pi, bureaucracies, probabilistic decision-making, Bayesian decision-making, decision trees, the mortgage banking industry, athletics, promotions, publicity, publishing, education, children, religion, philosophy, families, rules of inference, money multipliers, monopolies, oligopolies, and other similar notions.