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Humans are time sensitive omnivores. In Man's quest to get food, he has destroyed his habitat.

As it so happens, humans are part of a chaotic system.

When taking these facts into consideration:
1) what is a human's individual responsibility?
2) what is human's social (collective) responsibility?

Then, apply your answers to the most critical "time is of the essence" crisis facing the species... like global warming and disease.

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Omnivores: About Your Immune System

Humans are omnivores. A human's immune system is dependent on eating an omnivore's diet. Your immune system is really a collaboration between many of your body's systems, such as, neurological, respiratory, cardiovascular, and circulatory systems. The "health" of your immune system is dependent on your overall status, but more importantly, the ability of your immune system to respond to any given battle at a particular time.

COVID can cause damage to your organs directly during the fight. COVID can also cause damage to all your body's systems. Post-COVID chronic ailments comprise both categories. Many COVID cases result in damage to the lungs, heart, kidneys, and brain. Many COVID cases also cause damage to your immune system. (eg Long Haulers Syndrome)

Diet and lifestyle choices are detrimental in both the immune system's ability to fight individual battles, as well as, your immune system's ability to survive the war.

When an infection starts attacking your body, your immune system starts a process involving most of your body's systems including neurological, respiratory, cardiovascular, and circulatory systems. Your brain connects with command centers throughout your body. The power supply for these command centers is called NAD+

The timing and locations of the battles are crucial for victory. Your command centers deploy Trojan horses to the nearest fight. The Trojan horses come in a variety of different breeds but are commonly called interferons. The interferons are unique antiviral proteins. They are part of the process that invades the infection, gets inside, steals the memory, and kills it. To help you win the war, the memory of the virus is then transferred to your central intelligence agency and used in your antibody production including T-cells and B-cells.

Your immunity factory needs a bunch of supplies to metabolize in order to win. It is critical that your body make and distribute the supplies to the immune factory assembly line. Supplements may be substituted in an emergency, but supplements can not replace your assembly line. You need to consume plants, animals, O2, H20, and sunlight. Time is of the essence.

The simplest strategy to defeat COVID is to consume Niacin (B3) and photosynthesized Vitamin D (sunlight).

Niacin is crucial for the production of your command centers -- Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+)

Sunlight is crucial for the production of your interferons. The photosynthesis of Vitamin D produces the Vitamin D you need, but more important for this battle is the timing of the unique photoproducts that are also created in the photosynthesis process -- interferons. The interferons need to be deployed rapidly to the exact location of the intruder. In the end, interferons are meat proteins consumed by your immune system. The role of eating meat in your diet is not yet clearly known; however, animal proteins and amino acids obtained through eating meat likely play an important role. We do know that bacterium found in ruminant cattle (meat and milk) is essential for humans to make Vitamin D.

To help prevent catching COVID, to help fight COVID, and/or to recover from post-COVID, Niacin and the photosynthesis of Vitamin D are the simplest protocol. These simple methods to fortify your immune system will help you fight any infection and will slow the aging process.