Watch for Falling Interest Rates !

If you current rate is higher than 7.75%, it is time to consider re-financing. Today's rates are at their lowest level in five years. You can start the process of saving money today. (If your are buying a home, you can afford more now!)

Example Of Savings

On a $100,000 30 year mortgage that has a current rate of 8.5% and is re-financed to 6.75%, the savings can be greater than $40,000.00, or keep the same monthly payment and cut the term almost in half!

How to do it -- quick and easy.

The information you provide on the request form will be reviewed by a loan officer. If it is prudent for you to re-finance, a mortgage package will be shipped to you. In the event that you are purchasing a home, you should also be pre-qualified.

Interest Rate Quotes

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