How your computer talks to our computer.

GWCC offers four basic ways to let our computers talk to each other:

1) SLIP (Serial Line Internet Protocol) & PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) are two different methods that will accomplish the same goal -- full internet access. Either will allow you to use a wide range of Internet software -- all of the software available through Human Race Memorial Library. If you want to sirf the 'net, this is what you want!

2) Shell account. If you are renting web space, this account will allow you to perform the basic functions necessary to maintain your web. It will give you power to work on the Lyonesse (the name of our computer.) It will not allow you to obtain full Internet access. This account is ideal for individuals renting web space on the Lyonesse, but who have a slip/ppp account with a local Internet provider.

3) E-mail only. The most basic of accounts will allow you to send and receive e-mail, but gives no other Internet access (No World Wide Webs, no Newsgroups,