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a Provident Bank of Maryland Subsidiary

If you current rate is higher than 7.75%, it is time to consider re-financing. Today's rates are at their lowest point in almost two years. Or, if you are purchasing a new home, you can obtain your mortgage finacing right here! By "clicking" here, you can start the process of saving money today. Individuals will be requesting a mortgage application package from Consolidated Mortgage Corporation, One West First Avenue, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania 19428.

Example Of Savings

On a $100,000 30 year mortgage that has a current rate of 8.5% and is re-financed to 6.75%, the savings can be greater than $40,000.00, or keep the same monthly payment and cut the term almost in half!

How to do it -- quick and easy.

The information you provide on the request form will be reviewed by a loan officer. If it is prudent for you to re-finance, a mortgage package will be shipped to you. In the event that you are purchasing a home, you should also visit the financial inventory page. Please sign in with your name and include the words "mortgage pre-qualification."

In the package that will arrive via snailmail, you will find a list of documentation to return, as well as approximately 3 billion signature lines. Ok ... maybe not 3 billion, but it seems like it. You may contact us to review any of the information. Then, return the package in the enclosed envelope with copies of your documentation and an application check. The fees and charges associated with the re-financing are dependent on the state in which you reside and the type of mortgage you are refinancing. A list of these charges will be provided.

About Consolidated Mortgage and Provident Bank of Maryland:

Provident Bank of Maryland and Consolidated Mortgage Corporation have been long standing and well respected institutions in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Now, we offer nationwide service that is second to none and guarantee competitive interest rates. Federal rules and regulations make the posting of accurate interest rates nearly impossible (and certainly inefficient), therefore; you may obtain interest rate quotes by filling out our :
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