I publish the Internet Gazette, an on-line newspaper. Jester's music review of will be appearing in our first issue. If you like, we can publish your mailing address and establish an e-mail link on the web page.

Nate here. Cindy's my wife. If you could, please mention that the PO box address listed in the review is no longer current (or just delete it). Also, we'd rather not publish our surface mail address at this time (partially in view of the review not being especially favorable). However, we do like getting email, and copies of the tape are still available at clearance prices, so email links would be cool. Interested parties can email to either (Cindy), or (Nate).

BTW, can you tell me a little bit about the Internet Gazette?

Thanks much.



A wonderful and...

glorious idea ... why not have Cindy write a response to publish in the Gazette with the Jester's review? It would only be just.

The Internet Gazette:

The I.G. is part of the Glistening Trail Communication Conglomerate - a privately owned cooperative of musicians, businessmen, writers, computer wizards, etc. Our goal is to change the world ... to better mankind. That is why I don't consider the review unfavorable -- it sounds like you guys are not the typical sludge-mongers.

We are also a record company - Glistening Trail Records. All of our releases are written and recorded live ... as you hear them on the releases. No compressors. No producers. No preconceived notions. Just music from the heart. Though it doesn't appear that you record that way, the spirit seems to be there.

Thank you. I shall wait your advice.

g? b.r.o.u.s.e.

ps: I like your email address. Check out the name of the band "yzark."

Dear Brouse (is that your first name or last name?),


Cindy doesn't really feel the need to write a response, but when I showed her the review, she was surprised that someone would see the music as all that happy, since she used a fair amount of minor modes and dealt with themes of death in the family, frustration, emotional turmoil, and more death. I guess it all depends on one's perspective. On the other hand, she's not a huge fan of Skinny Puppy, Ministry, EN, Godflesh, etc., and Immortal Beast certainly does not resemble many industrial albums.

She actually liked the review, since she wants to move her music into a more uplifting direction anyway. And she totally agrees with the contention that it lacks marketing focus.

I didn't mean it had to be hostile. In fact, this is beautiful.

The funny thing is that at the time I sent the tape to jester, I didn't realize that his 'zine was industrial-oriented (but that probably would not have kept me from sending it anyway).

You can quote or paraphrase from the above if you like. Also, it would be great to see another review, too.

Would you mind if I used all your letters? We could make a series of it ... perhaps even set-up the first live, on-line, techno jam. Are you up for it?

b.r.o.u.s.e. (bringing reality out using spiritual emotion)