The Membrane Domain

Though we try to have fun with the web pages, please don't get the wrong impression. The web is put together (and updated on a daily basis) by The Think Tank -- a volunteer cooperative of interested individuals. If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know.

To help make you feel better, here are some of our fancy titles:
banker, engineer, Ph.d., entrepreneur... magna cum laude, arbitrageur, philosopher, agent... CEO, CFO, RN, MBA, Phi Sigma Tau, and La Di Da... investor, accountant, president, consultant, web engineer, computer engineer, broker, esquire, financial analyst, physicist, coach, economist, counselor, and clown.

The team works together in several ways:

The results have been rewarding. Feel free to get involved, offer support, or just get to know us by browsing the websites.

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