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Though we try to have fun with the web pages, please don't get the wrong impression. The web is put together (and updated on a daily basis) by The Think Tank -- a volunteer cooperative of interested individuals. If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know.

To help make you feel better, here are some of our fancy titles:
banker, engineer, Ph.d., entrepreneur... magna cum laude, arbitrageur, philosopher, agent... CEO, RN, MBA, Phi Sigma Tau, and La Di Da... investor, accountant, consultant, web engineer, computer engineer, broker, esquire, financial analyst, physicist, coach, economist, counselor, and clown.

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Any information that you provide, through the use of our forms, is held in strict confidence. We do not sell this information. We distribute it to the appropriate individuals for their analysis ... at no charge to you, therefore; the above referenced attorney says that we had better make a disclaimer -- The Think Tank is neither owned nor operated. The opinions given are just that -- opinions. Any advice is that of a friend to a friend. If you are unable to think for yourself, we strongly suggest that you hire someone for a second opinion.

Whew! Can we have sum phun now?

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