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The Wish List

So, what would you like to have? Money, real estate, how about peace of mind? If you have completed the first step of determining what you have, the next step is determining what you want. We'll spend the rest of the Workshop on money, so let's talk about real estate and peace of mind.

Peace of Mind


Peace of mind comes with financial security while you are alive, and for your heirs after you die. The best way to achieve financial security during your life is through educated investment -- what you are doing right now. There are costs and benefits associated with every decision you make. Failing to act is the most frequent cost. The fear of making an investment will subside with education and experience. The more you learn about managing your personal finances, the closer you will come to achieving your peace of mind.


So, why not get one step closer right now?
1) You know what you have. Start letting it work for you today. No matter how small, it can grow into hundreds of thousands of dollars. (see Money -- How to get it when you are through here.)

2) Be prepared for Acts of God. What if something unexpected happens? There is insurance available for every possible event that could happen to every possible asset. You must determine the risk of losing an asset and the cost to replace it ... if it is replaceable. If it is not replaceable, like your health or life, peace of mind comes with being prepared.

Would you like to learn more about:
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Disability Insurance
Pre-Paid Legal Services
Auto Insurance
Homeowners Insurance

How would you like to receive the information?

Please don't forget to submit the information at the bottom.


When would you like to move?

If you have not already provided information on the type of housing you desire (number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, garage size, importance of schools, or other similar information, please do so here

Would you like information on things that are needed in a real estate transaction?

Title Insurance
Home Owner's Insurance
Home Inspections
Wood Infestation Certification (Termite Cert.)

How would you like to receive the information?

Well, that wasn't so bad was it? You now know what you have, what you want, and what you need. Oh yes, I almost forgot the part about money. After you submit this part of the Workshop, we'll talk about doubling your money every seven years with little to no risk (also known as the fun part.)

Thank you.