--The End

Musicians of --The End

Eric Visnov - acoustic rhythm guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, lead vocals, songwriter, lyricist

Daniel Brouse - keyboards, vocals, songwriter, lyricist

Anthony Zinno - drums, percussion, vocals

Wally Urbanavage - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass guitar

Ryan Dodds - electric lead guitar, acoustic lead guitar

Musical Friends, Guests, Collaborators (In order of appearance)

Kyle Ober - harmonica
Max Cohen - percussion
Ed Moman - bass
Sean Devlin - electric guitar
Kris Ferraro - vocals
Stan (The Man) Davis - bass
Dave Rowan - electric guitar
Bryan Cooper - percussion
Carla - tambourine
Dom Gambone - acoustic guitar
Rob Malloy - acoustic guitar, vocals
Rusty - vocals
Drew DaPicture - improvised vocals
Drew Hartman - improvised vocals
Brad - mouth harp
Bobby Hart - ukulele
Joe Moss - guitar, vocals
George Smith - guitar, vocals
Tim Smith - guitar, keyboards, bass, drums
Rob Lytle - guitar, vocals
Joyce Michele - guitar, vocals
Roe Rossi - vocals
Don Evans - guitar, vocals
Ryan ??? - bass
Funkharp - keyboards, drums, vocals, mouth harp

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