Rather than trying to explain what's going on ... we have turned our email correspondence into web pages.

If any part of this interests you, then you should join us. Just email

Updates will follow as time permits and will be attempted on a bi-weekly basis.

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We now have a roster to keep everybody straight, as to who does what, who knows what, who thinks what, and what's what!

Anyway, Wally is in charge of trying to put a semblance of order to the e-mail flurry, so here goes.

Always with e-mails pertaining to the project.

The idea for an interactive rock and roll labyrinth, or maze type of thing is starting to take shape.
The idea to use VRML(virtual reality player and related files) is now going along with the music and music video project.

This whole thing will, of course, be interactive.

Build it and they will come!

Oak Writes:

cdrom quality web sight? I can do that for everything but speed.
(the biggest problem with VRML.) We are experimenting with the idea of using
Java script to speed things up here at Nova. It works, kinda, but you guys
wouldn't like it (the insecurity of java problem which I still have no documentation on).
Plus it is still very experimental for us (using Java).

I can create a labyrinth that will make your head spin given you can wait for finals to end.
(that is the easy part.) What do you invision?
(Get lost finding sights on groups w/music clips, video playing on the walls, etc?)

Membrane replies: Are you game?

Oak replies: Yeh!

Jeffory Beckers discovers and inquires.
Yeah, I'm interested. Do you have any additional info?

Membrane replies:

in fact, we are putting together a "rock video" version of a song called "the labyrinth" when i say we, "we" are a multimedia production company that has members building projects over the internet.

it seemed that you would fit in great with your 3d and vrml, and such. and when you said you wanted to build a vrml labyrinth, i found it quite ironic.

so, you are more than welcome to join you can contribute what you like and do what you want to get started.
if you talk to capn' about ftping stuph over of a particular format and at a particular frame size,
we can start slicing and dicing it.

you may want to email Oak, too. He is working on VRML

why not send us an email that descibes what you are doing, so everyone can get to know ya?

Capn asks Dan the Intern:

Can you produce some more clips like the ship.avi,
could you overlay this or a similar clip onto can be if you click here. 706k movie/quick time file

Dan replies:

Yes, I can make more. But unfortunately, this is not an AVI editor, it can
only export, not import AVIs.
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