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This is HISPANOAMERICA. We are located in Santiago de Chile, South America. We make spanish audio dubbing from many languages. We have 15 years of experience, dubbing films, cartoons training videos and so on, that are distributed in all Latin America.

We want to offer you our services. Our prices begin from US$30.00 the minute, and it includes the transportation from and to your company. We have, a digital recording studio with top technology. Please, write us or give us a call.

Our address is: NUÑEZ DE ARCE 3065, ÑUÑOA, SANTIAGO DE CHILE. Phone:(562-274 0054). Fax: (562-209 1604). Our electronic mail address is: Sincerely yours Jorge Araneda Hispanoamérica Manager.

This mail was to Capn-Did anything happen? Did you just wayside it?

Help informs...

New multimedia thingies:
Tri-Tech 3d

Montgomery Newspapers

The Labyrinth

Oak repiles to Capn, fwd to Grafix about VRML:

psehelp mentioned some cool software you could set us up with.

Oak replies:

Yes, or you can get it yourself. First you need netscape live 3d.
Get it at:

Then get yourself an editor. A VERY easy one to use is Home space builder.
There is a HUGE problem though. I don't know of any good editors that work for anything non-IBM related.
(what do you use?)

Oak continues:
I am playing with a few "clay" model editors. (I can take a JPEG and turn it into a walk through format that feels like doom.)
We are also in the midst over here at Villanova Engineering department of forming an editor that will do
seamless VRML, and hopefully run it faster.
(sorry, we are experimenting with Java script for the speed aspect.)

Let me know your platform and I will see what I can do.

Oak does a ping test on the Membrane...

On talking to a friend of mine over at Net Gen, he mentioned the taxing that VRML can have on a server.
Basically his recomendation was to ping test the server before you throw VRML on it to see
if the connections can handle it.
Well I did the ping test, here is what I got.(Ed. note-particulars omitted)

(lost packets should stay below 4%. Goal for server speed is <50ms. All servers tested at 12 noon.
In terms of speed and packet reliability the Membrane server seems sound.

Well, allllrighty then!

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