The Costs and Benefits of Propheteering

Costs and Benefits of Propheteering MP3

Do you think the story has never been told?
Do ya think it's gettin' ... gettin' too old?

Though, I'll tell you this: they've messed with it, a bit.

Take it for what it's worth.
Don't add your two cents, if you will?
I've got my Freewill.
Let me exercise my judgment.
You don't have to squash the moment.

You've been down that road before.
Ya say ya don't want to hear it ... no more!
And, there ya go again. You do it ... do it yourself ... try to take my wealth ...
...but, you won't take it from me.

Are you the guardian angel of love?
Or, are you the angel of lust?

I suppose nothing is forever ...

... in fact, that's where itz @.

The Labyrinth