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The water's slowly spinning round and round.
Heading, heading ever, forever down.
I hope I don't get sucked, quite right in....
Quite, right in. Quite, right in.
... not quite yet.

Forever walking round the paths,
Trying to find my way out.
Forever walking round the paths,
I will never get out....
Of the labyrinth... of the labyrinth... of the labyrinth... of the labyrinth....

What are you afraid of in the labyrinth?
Under my bed
In my head
Bad guys
In disguise

But, I know...
That if we try...
Try to use our mind's eye,
We can make the walls come,
Tubmlin' down.

(Walls all around.)
Walls of the labyrinth come tumblin' down.
Walls come tumbling down.
The walls come tumbling down,
all around... all around... all around... all around.

The song "The Labyrinth" was originally written for my children. Before going to bed, we would sing. The song starts with one of my childhood fears -- being sucked down the drain. Each time we played the song I would pause in the middle... and ask them about their fears. Then, we conquered our fears.

The idea was incorporated in the world's first interactive music album "The Labyrinth". In 1995, albums hadn't yet been created for release on the Internet. As a webmaster pioneer, it occured to me that the world wide web was like a giant labyrinth. A game and soundtrack were created to navigate through the website avoiding pitfalls and finding the prize.

Inspiration came from David Bowie's "The Labyrinth" and Pink Floyd's "The Wall".

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