The Bowl Hole / Shall We All Get High?

Runnin' 'round,
Like you're at the bottom of a bowl,
Runnin' 'round & 'round,
Can't get,
Outta the hole.

'Round & 'round,
'Round & 'round,

Runnin' 'round.

Well, every now and then,
I like to take a little slower pace,
In the race...
Check out,
All the opportunities.

Maybe the shortest distance,
Between two points,
Isn't a straight line?

Oh, the Earth floats by,
Should we jump on,
Get high?

Should we all get high?

It's just a blip,
Or, what you remember of it.

Well, the Earth is passing by,
Should we float in,
Get high?

Take me to a higher place,
Take me to a higher place,
Take me to a higher place then The Race.

Shall we all get high?
Shall we all get high?

from the soundtrack Yore Killin' Me

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