Seeds And The Sower

Seeds & The Sower is a project that brings faith with a heavier edge. The musical chemistry is captivating and enchanting. With Marks soaring leads, crystal clean harmonics, and crunchy rhythms; Rocky's thundering bass and melodic interludes; and Eden's entrancing voice and heartfelt soul, this album comes across as a very tight, solid sound that will rock you to the core. Lyrically, every song sends a positive message of faith and hope. All in all, Seeds & The Sower is an album that stands out for being refereshingly original, while also echoing the influences of the past.

Vocals Eden
Guitar Mark Givens
Bass Rocky Kuntz

Pproduced & engineered by Mark Givens

It Is
More Than A Man
The Calling
Seeds & The Sower
Man Of Sorrows
New Times
Sweet Surrender
By The Blood
Christ Is King
The Gift
Feel The Burn
Infinite Wisdom

Mark Givens and Rocky Kuntz

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Eden, Mark Givens, Rocky Kuntz
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