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    • This Time
      LYRICS This time Gonna do it right This time Ain’t gonna be no slight This time Gonna do it right In the name of all mankind In the name of humankind … the kind being kind … beings being kind This Time.mp3 ABOUT THE SONG Chords E G E A G D A E Written […]
    • Fanciful
      INSTRUMENTAL Fanciful.mp3 ABOUT THE SONG D6 A7 G7 Daniel — Guitar From the album Speechless by Daniel Brouse Related songs: Waterfront Something Speechless Is This a Good Corner?
    • Nursery Crimes
      LYRICS Hey diddle diddle there’s a doll with a fiddle And some cat playing the spoons Sing, “Ring around the Rosie” Singin’… And we’ll all go round and round Then we’ll all fall down Little Boy Blue come blow your horn Play Boogie Woogie Blues until the ‘morn The sheeple are in the meddle Politicians […]
    • Changing Times
      LYRICS The times are changing… changing fast Won’t be long ’till the future’s past Yeah, time is changing… sure hope it’ll last But you can’t hang on…. Better off letting go Better off… just let it flow The times are changing… to the future we go Won’t be long ’till the future we know Yeah, […]
  • RSS The Membrane Domain

    • Sixth 1000-year Rain Since 2010
      Human induced climate change is causing more volatile and extreme weather events. The rain in South Carolina was the 6th 1000-year rain since 2010. We are not saying that the Earth’s temperature is just going to rise. In general, as energy is added to a system, the fluctuations in the system increase. So, we expect […]
    • Background Ozone
      Low level ozone (Tropospheric Ozone) is deadly to plants and animals. The huge increase in human respiratory problems and asthma is largely attributed to ozone. NASA has released a new study on ozone pollution: Levels of “background ozone” — ozone pollution present in a region but not originating from local, human-produced sources — are high enough in […]
    • Nestle and the California Drought
      by Daniel Brouse There is a lot of misleading information trending in social-media about Nestle and the California drought. The facts of the matter are: Most of the water in California is used for agriculture. Nearly 50 billion cubic metres (13 trillion gallons) of water is used in California each year. Nestle bottled water plants […]
  • Live Music in West Chester, Pennsylvania ...

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    Nate Watts and the Stevie Wonder Band ...

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  • RSS PhilaNet.com

    • Free Concerts
      Throughout the Delaware Vally you can find free music on a daily basis. Wednesday nights you can visit the stage at Sam Ash in King of Prussia. There is also a weekly show on Wednesdays at the Shadyside Tavern in Downingtown. Thursdays at the Sprout Music Collective in West Chester offers a great stage and […]
  • RSS MontNews.com

    • Department of Environmental Protection
      The DEP office for Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia is located in Norristown, Montgomery County, PA. DEP Southeast Regional Office 2 E. Main Street Norristown, PA 19401-4915. Phone: 484 250-5900 (24 hours/day) PA DEP Emergency Response Program The Department of Environmental Protection’s mission during emergencies and disasters is to respond quickly and professionally to any […]
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