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    • Global Drought
      by Daniel Brouse EARTH — The world is experiencing one of the worst years of drought ever recorded. The conditions are so bad in India that the state of Bihar has banned daytime cooking. “We call this the fire season in Bihar,” a state-disaster management official said. “Strong, westerly winds stoke fires which spread easily […]
    • Paris Climate Change Agreement
      Nearly 200 countries have signed an agreement to help combat global warming. In December, nations from around the world constructed the UN’s COP21 climate agreement in Paris, France. It has now been signed. The Royal Society of Chemistry summarized the agreement, “The agreement includes a target to limit global temperature rise to ‘well below’ 2°C […]
    • GMO’s: Throwing the Baby out with the Bathwater
      by Daniel Brouse The definition of GMO is the modern version, not selective breeding. (0) GMO’s (genetically modified organism) have been around for thousands of years; however, the irrational fear of GMO’s is a recent phenomenon. Are there risks to GMO’s? Yes. Has there been any evidence of harm to human health? No. The risks […]
  • Tom Wagner hosting at Saxby's ...

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    • Jerry Ryan’s Rapture
      By Daniel Brouse ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — What do you mean the music scene is dead? There is hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel. In the Mid-Atlantic USA, there is a beacon shining bright — Jerry Ryan. Jerry is an unassuming hero for musicians and artists. “Jerry changed the music industry […]
    • tRump Roast in West Chester
      It appeared more protesters showed up for the Donald Trump rally at West Chester University than did Trump supporters.
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