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    • Song And Dance
      LYRICS Feel your superiority staring down on me “Like whatever” The rarity of your hilarity total insincerity Defeat conceit Bring on humility in humanity Bring on humanity to this calamity Humor elixir for social tumor Song and dance can be our cure … maybe our savior … may be our “save your” At your core, […]
    • Two Parties
      Shouldn’t 2 parties be twice as fun? LYRICS Before you know it They’re right back at it again Oh, no! They won’t quit I don’t know where to begin Like a coon cat that’s in heat A viscous car fight all the night Never ever admitting defeat Hard to see when they put out your […]
    • The Ways Backs
      LYRICS Falling way back Nostalgic attack I don’t know… how about you We’re you ’round in ’42 Going way back … Nazi on a Jew? Saying, “There’s nothing I can do” Spending all of your time Committing war crime Got way back When you spout your opinion Cry like I’m choppin’ onion Take it all […]
    • … and, the Horse You Road in on….
      LYRICS You can’t hide on the horse you ride…. Having trouble understanding Where you’re landing Instead of body commanding You’re demanding Pick up the pieces Out inner peaces Humanity thesis You can take control Of your human role / roll The goal of your soul Having trouble understanding Where you’re landing Instead of mind controlling […]
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