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    • Follow The Bouncing Ball
      LYRICS Follow the bouncing ball It’s a sing-along for all The Bouncing Ball Ball Be you picker be you grinner Leave a glass slipper Following The Bouncing Ball Ball Follow the bouncing ball Dance, twirl, sprawl The Bouncing Ball Ball Enormous for us all Enormous with us all The Bouncing Ball Ball By chance would […]
    • Rustle In The Henhouse
      LYRICS There’s a rustle in the henhouse Must be a fox… or maybe a louse Or a wolf in sheep’s clothing … worth bothering looking? Is it worth taking a look? He stole your mother’s pocketbook Gonna poke her in the eye And by the roadside… die! We’re talkin’bout yo mama Political drama gonna kill […]
    • #MyPresident
      LYRICS AND CHORDS A C A C A A gremlin from the Kremlin Em A Wormed his way in C A C A C A Lyin', Cheatin', stealin' Em A Any which way he can Can? Con? Can con King Kong Right's wrong D C Who does he think he's foolin' Em A With that […]
    • Spilling Over
      LYRICS Do you want to feel up Well, if you uplift Do you want to feel high Can’t buy… give the gift (Get by… give the gift) Loving unconditional Embracing all Loving is medicinal Embraced by all Don’t ever give up hope in the future Don’t ever give up faith in the kids Do fill […]
  • RSS The Membrane Domain

    • Climate Change Breaks Multiple Records with Global Impacts
      The World Meteorological Organization (WHO) issued a report that states records for 2016: a record global temperature exceptionally low sea ice unabated sea level rise ocean heat Extreme weather and climate conditions have continued into 2017. “This report confirms that the year 2016 was the warmest on record – a remarkable 1.1 °C above the […]
    • Atlantic City Going Under
      by Daniel Brouse For decades businesses located on the island of Atlantic City have been scenario planning for climate change and rising sea levels. At the turn of the century, the casinos devised a plan to float their businesses and ferry gamblers in. Now, the rising waters are no longer a scenario. So-called “nuisance flooding” […]
    • Russia Hacked 500 Million Yahoo Accounts
      The Membrane Domain: Cybersecurity by the Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs A grand jury in the Northern District of California has indicted four defendants, including two officers of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), for computer hacking, economic espionage and other criminal offenses in connection with a conspiracy, beginning in January 2014, to […]
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  • RSS PhilaNet.com

    • March for Science in Philadelphia
      Saturday, April 22 at 10 AM – 2 PM / Earth Day April 22, 2017 Penn’s Landing 101 S. Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106 PHILADELPHIA — March For Science is a nationwide protest in support of science and technology. The Trump administration has discredited scientist in many areas. President Trump has said the climate change […]
    • Delaware Valley Wellness Network
      The Delaware Valley Wellness Network offers medical services and wellness advice throughout the United States. Providers Companions For You – Home Care Services Big Apple Health & Beauty Center Intuitive Nutrition Dieticians and Nutritional Counseling Karen Clark-Schock, PsyD, ATR-BC Behavioral Medicine Women’s Center of Montgomery County Maury Malyn, MS, PT – Myofascial Release, Physical Therapy […]
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