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    • The Race Race
      LYRICS How do you deem a race Or is it faith based? Erase erroneous Us versus Them From our memory banks… thanks! Us versus Them No time to hem No time to haw No, not that much time at all Not that much time at all for all How do you deem a race When […]
    • Savor The Flavor
      LYRICS If it’s redundant To savor the flavor Then, so…? Let it be done! Please don’t let the taste Go to waste Making haste of leaving Nothing to waste Holiday pundit “To savor the flavor” Let’s go! Let it be done Could you’ve meant Flavor the savor? I don’t know… can it be done? A […]
    • Physics 101
      LYRICS No deposit. No return. Will the naive burn If ignorance is bliss What happens after this? For every action’s re-action Are we talking object in motion? The gravity of naivety Argh! It’s killing me (PS no B.S… you, too) No deposit. No return. Will the naive ever learn There’s no bliss in ignorance If […]
    • In Angel Skin
      LYRICS Though it couldn’t be A happy ending I’m glad to see A new beginning The new — beginning A knew begin in… Known Now that I know What I know now It’s like dyin’ And going to heaven Born again In angel skin Fallen back to Earth in angel skin Born again That’s what […]
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