Rock Frolic

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Rock 'em,
Knock 'em and sock 'em,
Show them how to get in the grove,
Help those that are beatless to move,
Rock 'em,
Knock 'em and sock 'em,
In the kisser,
'till they finally kiss Her.

Let them feel your soul,
Isn't that your goal?
See if you can feel theirs,
Until all the lines are blurs.

Rock 'em,
Whether it be in B,
See sharp,
4/4 or so many more!
How about a fusion illusion?
And, for those who lose,
How about the blues?
Or, how about we all win,
Twist 'em,
Twist again!
Come on,
Rock on,
Rock solid,
You'll be glad ya did!
A rock frolic.

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