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Dr. Sicker,
I'm feeling sicker,
And, it's happening quicker,
Than I'm apt to adapt.

Dr. R. U. Sicker replied,
"At least you haven't died!
How about those near,
And, those you hold dear,
Have you exposed them,
To your point-of-view?
Well, have you?
Don't hem,
Don't haw,
I' want to hear it all.
Are you sicker,
Than the rest?
I suggest,
You take two of these,
And, call me in the morning."

But, Dr., please,
I'm yearning,
To cure this disease,
Not just for my sake,
But, for goodness' sake,
Goodness sake!
If the treatment I take,
Can be applied to I,
I thought I'd try,
To treat the remainder,
Experiencing failure --
A universal cure-all,
That will cure all,
Of ill will,
Something quick,
To help the sick,
'cause with every tick,
Our clock,
Is one tock,
To closure.

So, R. U. Sicker, M.D.,
Are you sicker,
Or, do you have a remedy?

I've no opposition,
To an obstetrician,
That will deliver me,
For I am just a baby.

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