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Malcom Toule,
Mal would come to all,
Who haven't listened.

The Word's been spoken,
Our promises broken,
Now, mal is comin'...

A malady melody,
About maltreatment,
Malnutrition of souls,
To the tune of multitudes,
The fools play their roles,
Careless attitudes,
About the human movement.

Malcom Toule,
Is nobody's fool,
But, the same,
Can't be said,
For the rest of us,
Call me a lame brain,
We made our bed,
Now, we've got to sleep in it,
Sweet dreams?
Forget it!

The Malcom Toule wail,
Mal comes to all who fail,
To show compassion... to all,
To show obligation... to all,
To come to the realization,
Life's a festival,
And, best of all,
You can leave the mal behind,
By being kind.

Ahhh... praise mankind,
I love the Malcom Toule rule.

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