Biography — Toss Of A Coin

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Once upon a time, on one of my many trips thumbing across the country, I was just a little east of Little Rock at a place where the interstate splits. I could continue on to Amarillo or head south to Shreveport. Well, I wanted to get out of there, so I was going with whoever stopped. I went to Shreveport, Texarkana to be exact. A few years ago, I was moving back to L. A. from Philly. My friend had flown to Philadelphia to help me drive back to L. A. We drove by the spot where years before I stood for hours, a little east of Little Rock, with my thumb out trying to get a ride a little farther west. It was at that point, as I was moving back to L. A., that I understood how getting that ride to Texarkana had an effect on all things. From that point, this approach would take place in my life — all just a toss of a coin.

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The Alchemystic Photography of Ed Simmons

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