What is a Judeo-Christian?

I had asked for help proof reading, What is a Jeudeo Christian?

sidd replied:
dunno bout the theology but isn't it 'Judeo-Christian' or 'Judeo-Catholic' or just 'The Religions of the Book' if we want to include Islam... but that's a big can fulla twisty relationships

so... i suppose i am just whining about spelling

mike replied:
ahhh I feel it's a bit light in the saddle, I would think to prevent folks like myself from reacting negatively to the statements you could add some more beef to it. Aren't there more fundamental differences between the Jewish and Christian beliefs?

I for one have always had long debates with my Jewish friends on the differences between the two religions.

I respond:
Well... can you give me some examples?

The only other "big" difference... would likely be the first book of the bible... Christians left it out.

Adam had a first wife -- Lilith.

But, I didn't think it wise to go there in the basic definition... because talking about the running off with imps and sex demons (called succubi and incubi) usually causes too much of a stir.

Anyway, besides those 2 things...
Lilith = Adam's first wife
Jesus = Son Of God

there is little difference between the fundamental beliefs of all the different Judeo-Christian religions... including Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Methodists, Lutherans, etc.

The other differences in these "sects" are all... purdy trivial... well... heehe... unless you're the one gettin' your foreskin removed, etc.

Even when it comes to Jesus... there is not much difference... most "Jews" believe a man lived that we call Jesus.

The questions that divides is:

was Jesus resurrected, and is he now sittin' on the right hand of god the mother almighty?


What is a Judeo Christian?

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