Ozone Poisoning

A Tree Suffering From Ozone Poisoning

A Tree Suffering From Ozone Poisoning

If you can see the sky
Ask: why?

Turn from green to brown
Fall down
Like a cannonball sailed through
Deny it… will you?

Simple reasoning
Points to ozone poisoning

When the conditions are right with sunlight
Volatile ozone ignites
Blasting right through a tree
Blasting right through you and me

Now it’s been sung
Imagine your lung
Without a tree
Where will our oxygen be?

Ozone Poisoning.mp3


Capo 2
Em add A, C#, F#
Em add F#, C#, A

Written and recorded August 21, 2012 at Marsh Creek State Park, Chester County, PA.

The title says it all — ozone poisoning. Ozone poisoning is killing almost every tree, as well as, you and me.

Tropospheric Ozone = Bad Ozone

The Ozone Know Zone

Gasoline Plus Ethanol Equals Bad Ozone

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Daniel – Guitar, Vocals

from the album Optimismme
by Daniel Brouse

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