The Electric Slugs Live In Concert
Sound clips over .5M are labeled.

Title of project: Join the slugfest.

If you made me describe it... Generation X throws-up the Beatles. It is a collection of experimental music concert tracks. The songs were written and recorded live in basements, attics and bathrooms... The Electric Slugs are a true garage band. Find out more about this handcrafted music by clicking here.

Sample of places and sounds: answering machine, (.06M) dog, lots 'o bass, some screamin' guitar, screamin', stairway, bathtub. (.36M)

Mohs' scale: 8

Side A
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Black Mountain Woman (Led Zeppelin Cover)
Screamin' For Your Love
Bright Sunshiny Day
Take A Ride
Beat It

Side B
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Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple Cover)
Bass In The Bathtub
You're Part Of My Thoughts
This Is A Pig
The Things Ya Do Ta Me
I'll Always Be Your Friend
The Ride

The Electric Slugs

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