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Traffic Filtering

Since 1994, Glistening Web Communications Corporation (GWCC) has specialized in Internet Audience Enhancement and Traffic Filtration. On a monthly basis, the domains interact with millions of viewers. By conducting a careful analysis of this data, a team of world renowned mathematicians, statisticians, programmers, forecasters, and market segmentation specialists have been able to develop a regimen of effective techniques. GWCC clients become part of one of the world's largest collection of world wide web communities, business and social networks.

Experience & Audience: Can Our Knowledge Help You?

We are engaged in both proprietary and partnered ventures in a wide variety of venues. You can utilize our years of combined experienced in many highly technical areas. We have been in business since the beginning of the world wide web. During that time, we have tried to be innovators of the medium.

Included in our "First to" list are:

  1. use a "button" on a webpage (inventors of the clickable graphic)
  2. provide an on-line mortgage application
  3. produce a world wide web record / music album
  4. broach e-transaction dialogue with credit card vendors (Mastercard, VISA & Firstdata)
  5. create world wide web business models

Our clients have included several major national newspaper publishing concerns, banks, retailers, wholesalers, musicians and other artists, engineers, doctors, real estate firms, construction firms, attorneys, securities brokers, and many more.

We own and operate not only a major regional ISP, but also maintain hundreds of active domains, with terabytes of Internet-friendly files. Because of the enormous size and diversity of the content, we can create appropriate traffic channelling to client sites with measurable "before and after" results. This makes available to you the potential marketing power of hundreds of domains, thousands of websites, and millions of individual web files.

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