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GWCC was formed in 1994 and is engaged in both proprietary and partnered ventures in a wide variety of electronic venues. Among our over 1,000 brand names are PhilaNet, AllRealEstate.Com, The Membrane Domain, RomBox, and Buy Low / Sell High. We believe that we are the largest privately owned provider of original Internet content.

All of our members are encouraged to be internetU volunteers. We also actively participate in internetU's case studies and business models.

Our success rate for customers has been over 99%.

These venues include:

+ ISP services
+ electronic publishing
+ website design
+ website hosting
+ electronic marketing and advertising
+ electronic commerce and on-line financial transactions
+ searchable/disposable databases
+ multimedia productions
+ intranet to Internet (analysis and implementation)
+ internet technical/commercial applications for the arts and sciences
+ web/internet and systems security firewall services
+ web/internet & systems threat/vulnerability assessment

GWCC has been in business since the invention of the web browser. Since that time, we have been innovators of the medium. Though the entire list of inventions is too long to publish, we were first on the web to:

  1. use a "button" on a webpage (inventors of the clickable graphic)
  2. provide a mortgage application
  3. produce an Internet record album
  4. broach e-transaction dialogue with credit card vendors (Mastercard & VISA)
  5. create world wide web business models

For its clients, GWCC performs thorough analysis of multiple sophisticated software statistical packages, as well as, a thorough review of its clients web site traffic by a expert webmaster and internet marketing professional. GWCC can also monitor site traffic on a daily basis and try to increase the quality and the quantity of the visitors. This is a critical, and largely overlooked, determinant of a website's success.

GWCC's clients have included several major national newspaper publishing concerns, banks, retailers, wholesalers, a wide variety of musicians and other artists, real estate firms, construction firms, attorneys, securities brokers, and many more.

GWCC owns and operates not only a major regional ISP, but also maintains hundreds of active domains, with dozens of gigabits of Internet friendly files. Because of the enormous size and variety of the content, GWCC can achieve discreet traffic *direction* to client sites with measurable "before & after" results. This makes available to you the potential marketing power of hundreds of domains, thousands of websites, and millions of individual web files.

Among GWCC's capabilities is the mounting of your website to our primary webserver. By allowing the website direct access to our hundreds of thousands of visitors, traffic can be monitored and directed/driven to client sites appropriately. This process includes basic on-site electronic "form" design and processing, which encourages both on-line inquiry, electronic sales and other financial transactions.

GWCC's website services:
1) encourage interaction and communication between the client and GWCC to develop an understanding of the target market
2) encourage low cost experimentation based on a "team consensus" approach.

GWCC has the technical and marketing skills, and the web-systems infrastructure, to help you achieve your business & revenue goals.

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