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This webpage explains how and why the song, Trends In Technology was recorded.

About This (Part 1)

a viewer from way down south wrote us:

INQUIRY = I'm looking for electronic-type music to add to a powerpoint presentation for a school assignment. Thanks for any suggestions.

Misty Cooke, 44-year-old tryin-to-pass-student

dear misty,

we could allow the use of a song for such a purpose. what file format would you like... mp3, midi, ogg vorbis... other?

help desk

Dear Help Desk:

To be perfectly honest, I'm totally clueless as to what format would work. I guess just whatever would work for the powerpoint presentation. The presentation is about microchips and it's for a class called 'Trends in Technology'. Music formats was never mentioned. Other than being familiar with the terms MP3 and Midi, I know nothing.

Any suggestions or advise would certainly be appreciated. Or just tell me what to do or send my something. I have Windows XP if that makes any difference. Also, please let me know who or what I need to give credit to. If you're interested, I'll be glad to send a copy of the presentation. I don t have to give it till after Thanksgiving, so there's plenty of time.

I realize I'm being a pain and truly appreciate your time and trouble on my behalf.

Misty Cooke

hmmmm... how about this:


ps proper credit would be and the Membrane Domain (
and, yes we'd love a copy.

go, girl, go!

About This (Part 2)

about the techno song for misty cooke's school project, i realized maybe i was the only one sittin' in a place that could see all (or most) of the parts?

it was back in 1994 when sidd helped start the world's first "help desk" (er, a... i mean the first human help desk... i'd have to say we stole the idea from The Source.)

by 1995, we needed some help with our helping... who do we help... how do we help, etc.

sidd put down the law when it came to homework. we wouldn't help people do their homework (because that wasn't really helping them. they need to find out themselves.)

however, once in a while there is an exception to the rule... like misty cooke. why?

1) she said things like:

I realize I'm being a pain and truly appreciate your time and trouble on my behalf.

2) she asked about music

3) the music was a critical part of the mix... science, education, communication n' music

that is to say... misty was an inspiration for the musical soundtrack that goes with a sub-email-thread that sidd had already started:

sidd said:

u know the stuff chuck n e have been flying ?
its called a mini itx system
runs off a car battery

[for pictures see: or for details see: ]

now remember morten reistad .. who pointed out some consequences of having the US dollar as the 'senior currency'

he wrote

If you do it on the exceedingly cheap you'll get a Mini-ITX and a cheapo flat-screen with 1280x1024, a gigabyte of RAM and a quarter of a terabyte of disk; and it runs on a car battery for more than a day; and the price in dollars are still in the three digits. And in terms of performance and freindlyness it still beats the living daylights out of any of the mentioned architectures above.

and we dont need the flatscreen

i wanna build one

later he said:
i am pricing mini itx rite now
can put together i tink for 700 or so .. not much cost savings but huge power savings ....

shall i proceed ..? i have a plan .. looked up all components we need ... our big problem is power .. can fix that

will start buying stuff ... if that is a good idea ..

i said... sure!

sidd said:
ok.. shall i start orderin ? rocketman is comin to town tonite, we will go over specs for flight hardware (we do not require such hi G ratings etc...)

i replied:
yeah... 700 bucks... we will find it.

sidd went on to say:

i am gonna put together a mini itx box
will probly have to have fans ... waaaa
coz we will put 2 drives in

but .. it will run for a looong time off a car battery or 2

then i will ship it to your brother
and he can make it live in the garage with the cat to see how tuff it is

tell im to string ethernet to the garage
(cat WILL sleep on the warm box.. so he will want a lil roof over it ...)


just got off fone with several mini itx suppliers

looks like we need atleast one fan in the case
case will be 11 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 10 3/4" (desktop like ...)

now i am trying to figger whether we need nudder fan on the motherboard or not .. would love to not have one .. but if we put 2 disk drives in .. mebbe better to have the fan..

i ask:
are there any fans with thermostats?

sidd replies:
2 speed fans
too complicated ...

then i ask:
hmmm... i've been thinkin on this idea... sure would make sense if those fans weren't runnin all the time

lil' mercury and a copper coil?

sidd sayz:
lifetime of fans seems to be independent of duty cycle ... ie dont seem to matter if they are on all the time or not ...

so i ask:
and they don't eat that much power?

sidd tells me:
biggest power eater will be the disk drives ....

soooo... i don't know if i can think of a better example of trends in technology that have to do with microchips?

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