Industrial Strength Noise Pollution

You call this industrial strength noise pollution? Wooah, woooah.
Then, I’m glad to hear it’s not falling on deaf ears
Music to the ears it sears
Seize in disbelief
Peace-less quite relief


This music could be dangerous
If you are serious

It’s the kind that’ll melt your mind

Industrial noise pollution (Woooah, woooah.)
Pullin’ out of the station

Industrial Strength Noise Pollution.mp3

Style: ExperiMental Music
Chords: A7 A / D6
Rhythm: 71 BPM
Recording: digital 1-track stereo

All instruments played simultaneously: Vocals, Electric Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizers (microKorg, Yamaha PSR-740, Casio WK-3500, miniNova, Boss Loop Station, Boss BR-600, DigiTech)

From the album Industrial Strength Noise Pollution
by Daniel Brouse

All music and lyrics are recorded spontaneously.


Glistening Trail Records

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