Screw It

You’ll be forgettin’ what’s troublin’
When you screw it in
Just screw it in
Clockwise… counterclockwise
Whatever gives you a rise
Twist it
Stick the flat head in the slot
Why not? Screw it
If you’ve a Phillips and she’s got hips
Less slips… screw it!

Screw It.mp3

Style: ExperiMental Music
Chords: E E7
Rhythm: 120 BPM / Ragtime and Cool Dance
Recording: digital 1-track stereo

All instruments played simultaneously: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizers (microKorg, Yamaha PSR-740, Casio WK-3500, miniNova, Boss Loop Station, Boss BR-600, DigiTech)

From the album Industrial Strength Noise Pollution
by Daniel Brouse

All music and lyrics are recorded spontaneously.


Glistening Trail Records

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