Snake Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers: Labyrinth
as reviewed by Jester in
The Sonic Boom


  1. Give Your Heart An Attack
  2. Apocalyptic Vision
  3. The Labyrinth
  4. Bottomless Pit
  5. Webdrones
  6. The Man Over There
  7. King of Police
  8. The Costs & Benefits of Propheteering
  9. Open The Shade?
  10. The Ride
  11. You Can't Unseat The Beat
  12. Sad & Blue

Snakes Handling Immortal Tongue Speakers (or Shits for short) is another Philadelphia Spirit Experiment in music composition. This time they have chosen a slightly different method in which they go about deriving each track. While the music itself is presented as a cohesive project, in reality each track is written by different members of the band, with different people playing different instruments and recorded in different locations. In essence they have tried to remove some of the elements from their music that were deterring from the original free from style of improvisation they have used in the past. Instead of relying on totally removing any type of background influence they are rotating the performing members, instruments and locales with each track to try and negate any underlying control that might be exhibited. To achieve this each track is written and recorded spontaneously.

This particular style of improvisation actually seems to come off much better than perhaps it was intended. Instead of being stuck in a musical rut (as with previous projects) the music flourishes with a new found sense of originality that I found refreshing. I think the PSE projects have finally been able to comprehend the elements which were stop gaps in their musical development process. Hopefully this a sure sign of a positive musical progression that will become more evident in the future.

The Shits are:
Thadious - bass, vocals, guitars & keyboards
C. Moore - vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards & beer can
Capn' - percussion
Wally - guitar
Zoo Lou - percussion
Horton - pitch bender


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