by Daniel Brouse on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 10:43am

instrumentation: MiniKorg midi patch to Casio wk-3500 MiniKorg = Arpeggiator/On, Hip-Hop/Vintage, Side B, Program #7
Casio = 056 Techno, Tempo 88, Tone 402 Echoes
vocals: DigiTech RP3 # 61
sound effects: ice cubes in a screwdriver

Em / Em7

MP3 (live 1-track stereo recording 44.1 kHz)

Putting one foot
In front of the other
Step by step
In a straight line
I find I'm back
Where I started

A circle of deadends
Is there no way out?
Round and round...
'till my soul
Is found

[Please, Sir,
Can you put me in your pocket
Take me home?
I can't get through this

Driving one way
In search of another
Turn by turn
In a lost time
I find the knack
Of being thwarted
And, I'm right back where
I started


Panicking away
No guidance from mother
Beat by beat
My heart's not mine
I'm under attack
... being sentenced
Though, I know
Not what I did


Placing faith
Not a fighter
But, a lover
I recover

My Dear,
Nothing to fear
The path is near
We will steer clear
Placing faith
Above all other
There is a way
Out of here

What was a lark
In Evansburg State Park
Was the start
Of our direction
Toward the One
Of perfection?

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