by Daniel Brouse with help from Jennay and Autumn


Can ya come out and play?

What do you say...



I met a girl
At a festival
I say
Brings the sun
To a rainy day
I say

A load of fun

Long, tall boots
Laugh that shoots
Loves ta' dance
At every chance

I say
Come out and play?

F / D

instrumentation: Casio wk-3500, 051 Trance, Tempo 112, Tone 075 Feedback Distortion guitar DSP 189 AWhDsDely; midi patch to MiniKorg HipHop/Vintage #8 Arpeggiator on
vocals: DigiTech RP #93

Inspired by this conversation...

Jennay Schratz
needs a muse that doesn't go by the name of Jack, Jim or John.. Who wants to be eternalized into an epic poem?

Joe Mancini
will you take other j names?

Daniel Brouse
stay away from the j's

Jennay Schratz
Hey, Daniel... I'm a J name.....
The J's have to stick together, before we all get smoked

Daniel Brouse sorry 'bout that... guess i should turn ya into a poem

[so, I start writing the first few lines live on FaceBook, when...]

Autumn Peyton

Daniel Brouse
thanks autumn! that's what i needed (cuz if you had to describe Jennay in one word, that's it.)

Daniel Brouse
pss thanks, jennay... now that you've been set to music, i get to dance about all day to JENNAAAAAY!

MP3 (live 1-track stereo recording)
Directions: turn headphones up loud and dance.

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