Margo the Fox Meets Gary the Goodman
by Daniel Brouse

instrumentation: Casio wk-3500, 052 Ambient 1, Tempo 136, Tone 137 Voice Uhh DSP ton Reverb Room; midi patch into MiniKorg autosets
vocals: DigiTech RP3 #2 less distortion add Mod/Pitch

C / Am
F / G / C

MP3 (live 1-track stereo recording)

"Anastasia screamed in vain"
What's in a name?
(ooooo, ooooo)

Found a few
Humane humans
Margo The Fox,
Meet Gary The Goodman.
(Pleased to meet you,
Hope ya got my name)

You're just in time
You're *just*
In time

Find a way
To save the day?

A positive vibe-ray-tion
May the light shine
May the light shine
May the light shine
Everything melts to fine

Alternative Versions

instrumentation: Casio wk-3500, 045 Heavy Metal switch to 505 Synth Set, Tempo 136, Tone 075 Feedback Guitar DSP 190 LWhOdDelay
vocals: DigiTech RP3 #2 less distortion add Mod/Pitch

Unplugged Version
instrumentation: flute, Ibanez acoustic with 6 different strings, Casio wk-3500, 093 Merenque, Tempo 92, Tone Stereo Grand Piano
vocals: DigiTech RP3 #73

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