Save The World
by Daniel Brouse

MP3 (live 1-track stereo recording)

So, you want to save the world
Raise the kids
Watch 'em grow old
Do... and have dids

Looked 'round n' found
... that's odd
no one believes in God

When the band got greedy
(It) wasn't 'bout the lovely
I had to be movin' on

Out of the shadows
And, into the sun

That's alright
Ya know
I'm never solo
That's alright
Ya know
I'm never so low

I'm never solo

Let's make some music
Let's save the world
Raise the old
Make 'em quick

instrumentation: Casio wk-3500, 040 Rock1, Tempo start 89 two time changes to 112, Tone 044 RotDrwbr organ; midi patch in MiniKorg auto settings
vocals: DigiTech RP3 #93

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