The Road To Avebury
by Daniel Brouse

Instrumentation: Casio wk-3500, Trip Hop, Tempo 89, Tone 000 Stereo Grand Piano
Vocals: DigiTech RP3 51 less distortion

G / C / D / G

The Road To Avebury .MP3 (live 1-track stereo recording)

On the journey to Marlborough
I met a tribe of girls
Asking them
If I might join in
Their mystical voyage

A new age
Of new ways
Past the End Of Days

Forever furlough
Neverending thrills
An eternal grin
The end of the end
As we begin

Very merry
We're on the road to Avebury
Nothing mean to be seen
Never weary
We're on the road to Avebury
The laughs abound
All around
On the road....

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